Berea Celtic Festival - Traditional, authentic, grassroots
       List of our valued partners.
In 2016 the musicians, dancers, and partners had a tremendous time, and the audience was thrilled about the high level performances they experienced.

2017   Festival   Partners
Chestnut St., Berea

Berea's newest restaurant 

Paddy Wagon Irish Pub             Celtic partner
Berea Branch. Info at 985-0561
"We take pride in supporting the Arts"                                Edinburgh partner 
New cadiovascular unit

WWAG FM 107.5                                Radio spot partner              
Tuesday 3 - 7 PM, Saturdays 9 AM - 1 PM
Dulcimer maker 
Dr. Brenda Huser 
100 Main Street, Berea
Just off Richmond Rd/HWY 25 N
Berea, Kentucky

Berea, KY
in the mugs.
and it's really good.
63nd Fall Mountain Folk Festival

 Winchester, KY                                          Celtic partner


  Anonymous                                         Festival grantors                           

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